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Our hand knotted rugs can be made to order in ANY size! If you don't see the size you need, email, and we will let you know the price. Want to swap out a color or two, email us your needs! Production time is approx. 10 weeks, plus shipping time.


**The "Parker" Rug is a Collab between The Haverhill Home x The Selective Design.**

Meet the “Parker” rug. We loved working with Annie Schiller, the very talented Interiors Influencer behind Haverhill Home. She showcases inspiring spaces full of color and charm. While designing the rug, Annie found inspiration in a beautiful designer wallpaper that she described as having a whimsical botanical feel, featuring vibrant colors. She focused on incorporating some of these fun and bold elements, while maintaining a timeless look. She named this thoughtfully crafted rug after her sweet son, Parker. Check out Haverhill Home on instagram @haverhill.home.


Materials and Care:
Our hand knotted rugs are composed of 100% hand spun wool. As a natural, renewable fiber that deters bacterial growth, wool naturally repels stains and dust mites. The lanolin oil inherent in its fiber helps bead liquids to protect against spills. Wool is the easiest to clean and longest-wearing option. In addition, wool acts as a natural humidifier and is flame-resistant. With proper cleaning and care, wool rugs will last a lifetime.

Due to the handmade nature of the product, rug width and length can vary 1-3” from the standard sizing. Colors may vary slightly and are subject to a 5-15% difference in colorfastness. "Stray colors and variations" occur during production, creating unique characteristics while contributing to the authenticity of the hand woven process. Depending on the size of the rug, the motif, pattern, and border will scale with the size. All of our rugs are professionally washed prior to shipment.

Don’t use a high-powered vacuum or a churning floor brush — those are
meant for wall to wall carpets and will damage the fibers over time of a hand knotted rug. Use the hardwood floor mode on vacuum.

Clean up spills by blotting the excess liquid, then using warm, soapy water and a clean towel.

Professional cleaning is always recommended for those big issues!

*Use a felt rug pad to increase the longevity of your rug. This will also help prevent wrinkles, scratches, and staining on your floors



Authentic Modern Hand Knotted Oushak Rug, Made to Order: Parker

PriceFrom $148.00
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